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No Ordinary Passenger (2013)
Run Time: 8:00
Producer: Cabell Hopkins
Director: Cabell Hopkins
Editor: Kevin Palmer
Director Of Photography: Ezra Byrne
Camera Operator: SebFeehan
Camera Operator: Jonathan Hopkins
Camera Operator: Peter Montgomery
Camera Operator: Oliver Englehart
Post Production: Blind Pig
Music: Al Bedard Band
Cast: Stan Dibben

This is the story of an 87-year-old man, Stan Dibben, who won the World Sidecar Championships in 1953.

He was the ‘passenger’ riding on the sidecar, and he explains how the word ‘passenger’ is such a misnomer for the bravery and athleticism required to do such a skillful occupation.

We watch footage of his racing days, including the biggest race of the year at The Belgian Grand Prix in Spa in 1953, which he won by a wheel’s length to be crowned world champion. Also a story about joie-de-vivre, Stan gets back on a modern sidecar outfit at the ripe age of 87 and does a few laps to show he’s still got it.


Cabell Hopkins is a film-maker living in London. His main profession is producing TV commercials.He is currently working on his fourth short film. Feel free to get in touch.