The Black Angel

The rare art of Plumasserie is the labor-intensive process of cutting, dyeing, and applying feathers by hand, typically on very expensive clothing and accessories.  The tradition dates back to French Haute Couture houses from the 1800’s, and has very few practitioners today - it's almost and extinct skill, although some luxury houses feather their products.  Those that do keep Maxime Leroy going; he's the master plumassier behind a revival of the craft with a contemporary twist. The Sacco Baret / Blitz Motorcycles collaboration 'The Black...

‘The Pleasures of Life’

Boris Anrep laid the floor mosaics in the National Portrait Gallery in London in...

A Day at the Races

Wet plate/collodion photographer Paul d'Orléans exposes Wheels&Waves California...

‘Kesh Angels

Hassan Hajjaj is known as the 'Andy Warhol of Marrakech' for his provocative...

Book Review: Charles Burki

Charles Burki illustrated his Norton racing motorcycles while imprisoned in WW2

Catsuits, Boilersuits, and Racing Suits

The one-piece leather racing suit has its origins in utilitarian workwear, which...

Test Ride: MV Masterwork

Thrashing Shinya Kimura’s MV Agusta 750 Custom in the Hills of Azuza

Motorcycle Specials #1

Martin Squires’ Grindlay-Peerless ‘Hundred Model’

Nick Veasey: Beneath the Surface

Nick Veasey pushes photography into unseen territory, making art from x-rays

Malick Sidibe – ‘The Eye of Bamako’

Legendary African photographer Malick Sidibé photographed the street life of...