Get to know our contributors or become one yourself!

The Vintagent is blessed with the most talented and knowledgeable contributors in the motorcycle industry. They are artists, riders, builders, film makers, executives, and all around smart, cultured motorcycle loving people who have helped position our media company to serve our audience and create content that can be found no where else. – Paul d’Orleans

Paul d’Orleans
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of

Corinna Mantlo
Curator of Film at, founder of Via Meccanica

Jay Leno
Guest Editor at, star of Jay Leno’s Garage

Conrad Leach

Maxwell Paternoster

Kristina Fender

François-Marie Dumas
Author and Journalist

Dennis Quinlan
Blogger, Historian, Jazz Musician

Alexander Papastrawou
Filmmaker, True Motion Pictures

Michael Lichter
Photographer, co-Author ‘Cafe Racers’ (with Paul d’Orléans)

Travis Shinn
Photographer, Filmmaker,‘Falcon: Black’

Jalika Gaskin
Crew Chief, Alp Racing & Design

Richard Vincent
Photographer, Filmmaker ‘The Ended Summer’

Julian Balme
Graphic Designer, Writer

Yves Hayat
Photographer, Filmmaker, Musician

Bernard Salvat
Historian, Author ‘Les Motos Francais’

Carmen Gentile
Journalist, author ‘Kissed by the Taliban’

Nish Nalbandian