The Motorcycling Du Ponts

The Du Pont family is intimately tied with the American motorcycle industry, and...

The Sex Machine

The motorcycle is the second most intimate of machines; the first being, of...

Song of the Salt

Lake Bonneville dried up 20,000 years ago, leaving a terrible place for...

Kenzo Tada

Kenzo Tada was a motorcycle racer in Japan who began his career, as so many early-century racers did, competing on bicycles at the dawn of the 20th Century.  In the midst of a successful motorcycle racing career, he became the first Asian to compete in the Isle of Man TT, in 1930, making a daunting 40-day trip by sea and rail to reach an island half a world away, in the Irish Sea.  His journey was remarkable; the next Japanese rider competed at the Isle of Man was in 1959!  He was the Velocette agent for Japan (Tomeye Trading Co. in...

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Book Review: ‘Lewis Leathers’

Lewis Leathers, established in 1892, is Britain's oldest motor-clothing...

Anke Eve Goldmann: ‘Soviet Racing Women’

In 1962, Anke Eve Goldmann documented the extraordinary Soviet motorcycle racing...

Wheels&Waves 2017: The Best Yet

The Sixth Wheels&Waves was the best yet, with carefully curated exhibits, and an...

The World’s Most Expensive Motorcycles

Auction Results from Around the World

John Surtees

Remembering World Champion John Surtees

Cannonballs Deep: In The Thick Of It

Daily Journal for the Cannonball Endurance Rally

Cannonballs Deep: The Beginning

The Beginning of the 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball Endurance Rally

Wheels & Waves Cayucos

Bringing an epic event Stateside for some European flair on the Central Coast of...

The Old School at Bonneville

How land speed racing was done in simpler times, as featured in Cycle magazine