The Mysterious ‘Mark 6’

The existence, or non-existence, of the Velocette Mark 6 KTT has puzzled...

100 Years After the ‘Indian Summer’, Part 4: Oliver Godfrey

Oliver Cyril Godfrey won the 1911 Isle of Man TT on an Indian, but World War 1...

100 Years After the ‘Indian Summer’, Part 3: Charles Bayly Franklin

Charles Bayly Franklin was Ireland's first international motorcycle racer, and...

100 Years After the ‘Indian Summer’, Part 2: Jake De Rosier

Jake De Rosier was perhaps the first professional motorcycle racer, and Indian's...

100 Years After the ‘Indian Summer’, Part 1: Billy Wells

Over 100 years ago, Indian swept the Isle of Man TT with a 1-2-3 win. It was...

The Motorcycling Du Ponts

The Du Pont family is intimately tied with the American motorcycle industry, and...

An Egli Reunion

Dr Fritz Egli debuted his magnificent Egli-Vincent 50 years ago. The Egli...

Anke Eve Goldmann: ‘Soviet Racing Women’

In 1962, Anke Eve Goldmann documented the extraordinary Soviet motorcycle racing...

Days of Future Past: the Mercury

Laurie Jenks designed the Motorcycle of the Future, an all-aluminum masterpiece...

1935 Böhmerland ‘Reise’

The Bohmerlans was the longest production motorcycle in history, capable of...

Catsuits, Boilersuits, and Racing Suits

The one-piece leather racing suit has its origins in utilitarian workwear, which...

The Lost Peugeot Racers

The Remarkable Peugeot Racer, Decades Ahead of its Time

Road Test: the New Brough Superior SS100

Road Test of the new Brough Superior SS101 on the twisting coastal roads near...

The First ‘Triton’ – A Prewar Cafe Racer

The World's First Triton Motorcycle was built by the man who invented the Norton...

The Old School at Bonneville

How land speed racing was done in simpler times, as featured in Cycle magazine

The English Dirigibles

The English dirigible R100 flew across the Atlantic and landed in St.Huber,...

Book Review: ‘BMW Rennsport’

Author Stefan Knittel publishes another terrific book from the BMW Archives,...

Road Test: 1928 Windhoff

A Rare German Four-Cylinder Beauty on the Road

Favored by the Gods of Speed

Alp Sungurtekin has built the world’s fastest unfaired Triumph 650.

Shooting the ‘Arrow’

A Remarkable OHV Indian Racer Used for Record-Breaking

Absolute Speed, Absolute Power Pt. 2

Motorcycle Land Speed Records from 1930 - 1940

Absolute Speed, Absolute Power Pt. 1

Motorcycle Land Speed Records, 1896 – 1930

Bill Phelps: Catching Heroes

The magic of the Montlhéry autodrome through the lens of a master.

The Blue Bike

Marty Dickerson Created the Vincent Legend in America

The Crocker Story

The Real Story of America’s Legendary V-Twin

Japanese Motorcycles: the Early Days

The first motorcycle arrived in Japan in 1896; they built their own from 1908.

The Best Bike BMW Never Made?

BMW’s Remarkable Art Deco R7 is the Bike Collectors Dream About

Road Test: 1930 Brough Superior-Austin Four

Impressive, beautiful, and certainly unusual

The Evolution of ‘Super Kim’

the machine is the holder of the South American speed record from 1930