Those Dashing Racers of the 1920s: C.T. Ashby

You can almost smell the castor oil burning off the hot motor of Cecil Ashby's 1925 Zenith 'Championship' racer at…

Lucky 13: Mecum Monterey 2021

The collector vehicle market has been very strong in the last year.

‘Confessions of a Vintagent’ – 1943

What was the first use of the term Vintagent as applied to motorcycles? This article from 1943, written by Dennis May…

John Wallace and the Duzmo

At 14, he knew he'd build motorcycles - and he did! On the way he worked with some of the most remarkable names in the…

Mecum Gallery: Vehicle Sales Online

As live auctions are cancelled, Mecum is selling premium vehicles direct on its Mecum Gallery website.

Legends of Montlhéry at the Café Racer Festival: Part 1

The annual Cafe Racer Festival at Monthlery is that track's only all-motorcycle event, and this year featured a…

The Ride: Speedway Superstar

Ehinger Kraftrad’s remarkable ‘Speedster’; history through a hi-tech lens.

Road Test: 1933 Brough Superior 11.50

Road testing a 1933 Brough Superior 11-50 in the Pyrenees is a rough job, but someone has to do it!

The Evolution of ‘Super Kim’

the machine is the holder of the South American speed record from 1930

Excelsior! The Silver Comet

Joe Wright rode a polished aluminum missile at Tat, Hungary in 1930 at 163mph. It wasn't fast enough, as 170mph was…

Those Dapper Racers of the 1920s: Vivian Prestwich

John Vivian Prestwich was the heir to the J.A.P. engine manufacturing dynasty, and cut quite a figure at Brooklands in…

Those Dashing Racers of the 1920s: George Brough

George Brough was the most stylish rider of the 1920s, even when racing his SS80 'Old Bill' in 1922, as in this photo.