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Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, BikeExif

I love the new website for The Vintagent – finally it equals your stature in the motorcycling world.

The ‘Instafamous/Instabroke’ article is three years old now, but it’s even more relevant today. It first appeared in Classic Bike Guide and I loved it so much, I straightaway asked Paul d’Orleans if we could run it on Bike EXIF. There many truths within these 700-or-so words. So many, it’s hard to know where to start. Today, we all know it’s difficult to make a living in the custom scene; the real money is in the trad chopper and bobber scene, which may have lost its luster of coolness but retains the luster of cupro-nickel.

Paul d’Orleans has a knack for a pithy phrase, and the standout for me was “A ‘like’ isn’t a dollar.” Indeed: Sport Rider magazine, which folded a few months ago, had 2.4 million Facebook followers. How could it possibly fail? Because those big social media vanity metrics are hardly worth a cent, even if you’re flogging space to advertisers.


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