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Our Vintagent Team

Paul d’Orleans
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, Co-founder Vintagent Lab, Co-Founder Motorcycle Arts Foundation Linkedin / Instagram / Amazon Author Profile

Kim Young
Operations Manager of The Vintagent, Electric Revolution Live, and  Director at Motorcycle Arts Foundation.  Linkedin / Instagram

Corinna Mantlo
Curator of Film at, founder of Via Meccanica.  Instagram

Sasha Tcherevkoff
Partner in, Chairman of Motorcycle Arts FoundationLinkedin / Instagram

Greg Williams
Profiles Editor at The Vintagent, journalist, author at    Linkedin / Instagram

Stephanie Weaver
EV Editor for The Current News, writer, rider.  Linkedin / Instagram

Debbie Macdonald
Accounts Management at  Linkedin

Nadia Amer
Director of Education Initiatives at Motorcycle Arts Foundation, Editor at The Vintagent, journalist and filmmaker.  Instagram / Linkedin

Ty Tuazon
Executive Assistant at The Vintagent and Motorcycle Arts Foundation.  Drag racer and multilingual badass.  Instagram 

Dan Green 
Competitions Manager at Electric Revolution Live.  Former professional motorcycle racer and athlete, co-founder of bicycle brand Ritte. LinkedinInstagram

Greg Hatton 
Director of Educational Media at the Motor/Cycle Arts Foundation.  Photoghrapher, filmmaker. LinkedinInstagram


Our Contributors

The Vintagent is blessed with the most talented and knowledgeable contributors in the motorcycle industry. They are artists, riders, builders, film makers, executives, and all around smart, cultured motorcycle loving people who have helped position our media company to serve our audience and create content that can be found no where else. – Paul d’Orleans

Jay Leno
Guest Editor at, star of Jay Leno’s Garage

Conrad Leach

Kristina Fender

Maxwell Paternoster

Dennis Quinlan
Blogger, Historian, Jazz Musician

Alexander Papastrawou
Filmmaker, True Motion Pictures

François-Marie Dumas
Author and Journalist

Chris Hunter
Founder of Bike Exif

Michael Lichter
Photographer, co-Author ‘Cafe Racers’ (with Paul d’Orléans)

Travis Shinn
Photographer, Filmmaker,‘Falcon: Black’

Jalika Gaskin
Crew Chief, Alp Racing & Design

Richard Vincent
Photographer, Filmmaker ‘The Ended Summer’

Julian Balme
Graphic Designer
, Writer

Susan McLaughlin

Bernard Salvat
Historian, Author ‘Les Motos Francais’

Carmen Gentile
Journalist, author ‘Kissed by the Taliban’

Nish Nalbandian

Amaryllis Knight
Co-Founder Falcon Motorcycles, Interior Designer

Abhi Eswarappa
Founder Bike-Urious

Chris Kippenberger
Filmmaker, Photographer

Yves Hayat
Photographer, Filmmaker, Musician

Irene Kotnik
Filmmaker, Art Director, founder of Petrolettes, f0under of The Curves Berlin

Nicholas Coleman
Artist, Photographer

Matt Hind
Photographer, co-founder Men’s File magazine

Mark Gardiner

Chris Rausch
Filmmaker, ‘Quake City Rumblers’

Stephen Marino
Filmmaker, ‘TROG‘, ‘The Frozen Few’

Ian Beaudoux

JP Defaut
Photographer, Storyteller, Filmmaker, ‘I Am This Motorcycle’  

Paolo Asuncion
Filmmaker, ‘The Boutonnier’,  ‘Dirtbag 2 ROTR’

Wolfgang Bloch
Artist, Photographer

Cam Elkins
Filmmaker, ‘Stories of Bike’

Heidi Zumbrun

John Christensen
Photographer, founder of Oil&Ink Expo

Chris Illman
Historian, Vintage Sprint Racer

Götz Göppert

Nick Clements
Photographer, Filmmaker, Publisher of Men’s File magazine

Michael Lawless
Writer and flat-track racer,

Michael Calvin Wilson
Design Director for Popular Mechanics

David Morrill
Historian, bike builder, has-been racer racer, Deadly Dave’s Blog

Alp Sungurtekin
Land Speed Record bike builder, engineer, Alp Racing + Design 

John Landstrom
Founder, Blue Moon Cycles

Publisher, ‘The Ride’, ‘The Ride: 2nd Gear’, ‘The Chopper: the Real Story’, 

David Royston
Vintage Enthusiast

Claudia Vitarelli
Writer, Brand Consultant

Jean Bourdache
Author, Historian, Journalist

Zoe David
Architect, Racer, Constructor

Bhuvan Chowdhary
Writer, Rider

Tim Huber
Writer, Rider

Dave Clark
Brough Superior Expert

Peter Domorak

Ken Aiken

Amy Shore

Maximilian Funk
Writer, Photographer, Editor

Uwe Rattay


Jodi Johnson Photographer

Sophia Vassiliadis
EV Editor for The Current News

Wendy Pojmann
Professor of History, Siena College. Coffee fanatic.

Adil Jal Darukhanawala
Author, editor Fast Bikes India

Austin Johnson
Star of ‘Sugar and Spade, OG badass

Gary Boulanger
Journalist, Motorcycles Are Drugs

David Goldman
Photographer/Filmmaker, creator of The Motorcycle Portraits

Mark MacInnis
Filmmaker (‘Sugar and Spade’)

Arabella Anderson
Writer, for TV (Transparent, Riverdale, etc) and other media. Her IG is @arasmella and her Twitter feed is @_arasmella.

Nadia Fugazza
Film Producer, ‘ADV:Overland’

Fabio Affuso
Photographer based in London and Naples. Find him at his website and Instagram.

Nadia Amer

Editor at The Vintagent, journalist and filmmaker.

Ty Tuazon

Executive Assistant.  Philippine drag racer, multilingual badass.

Andy Romanoff

Photographer, Cinema camera technician, member of The Academy of Motion Pictures

Harry Fryer

Columnist for the Current: The Hack.  Founder/CEO of Blaise Electric. Employee/Investor at The Bike Shed Motorcycle Co, London

Greg Hatton

Photographer and filmmaker. Former race marketing specialist at Falken Tire and racing development with Alpinestars.

Brian Waddington

A storyteller who uses images more than words. Old school biker, pastor, lighthouse keeper, photographer.” He lives in Dumaguete, Philippines.  Check out his blog here.

Michael McCabe

A New York City tattoo artist and cultural anthropologist. He is the author of New York City Horsepower, Kustom Japan, New York City Tattoo, Japanese Tattooing Now, Tattoos of Indochina, and Tattooing New York City.

Catherine Oconnor

A historian and journalist reporting on women in supporting roles, the Springfield Mile, DuQuoin Magic Mile, and the Hogroast: When Honda Smoked Harley in the 1980s.