Summer Rally ’06, Crater Lake Oregon. Ken Vincent of Perth, Australia, rode my 1933 Velocette MkIV KTT for a day, and my 1960 Venom Clubman the rest of the week. That’s the sort of hospitality such clubs offer – when I traveled to Australia I was loaned bikes, and more bikes when those broke!  The VOCNA Summer Rally lasts one week, and the ride is a 5-day, 1000-mile adventure in a different location every year.  The rally has been held from the mountains above Los Angeles, to the canyonlands of Utah, to Vancouver BC, to Alberta BC, all down the Rockies, and the whole of the West Coast.  That’s around 35,000 miles of backroads explored, all over the West.  If you have an interest in joining, check out the VOCNA here.

A 48-mile dirt stretch in Oregon was well-graded but still unusual for many pavement-bound riders. [Ken Vincent]


Ken Vincent on Paul d’Orléans’ 1933 MkIV KTT, better known as ‘the Mule’ after other off-road adventures. Here in the snow on Mt. Lassen, which Paul carved the Velocette logo into. [Paul d’Orléans]


Paul’s 1933 MkIV KTT on the edge of Crater Lake National Park. Who knew a racing Velocette would make such a terrific touring bike, despite no muffler or lights? [Paul d’Orléans]


Ken Vincent feeling like the macho man after a long dirt road – unexpected benefits of a challenge mastered! [Paul d’Orléans]




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