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Run Time: 16:19
A Film By: Josh Allen
Key Cast: Max Hazan, Gerald ‘Gerry’ Harrison


Independent filmmaker Josh Allen embarked on a journey to Bonneville Speedway to capture the events as they unfolded. The story follows Max Hazan and Gerald ‘Gerry’ Harrison as they embark on their first pilgrimage to the automotive destination outside Salt Lake City Utah.


Bonneville Salt Flats, it’s tough to say something that hasn’t been said about this place by someone at some point in time. It’s usually uttered in the same sentence as “I’d love to…” or “I wish I could” it’s such an iconic place that has never been far from the topic of discussion in an excitable conversation between a gathering of motoring enthusiasts. With that in mind we didn’t even try to say something new, I just set about documenting the experience that two guys had. Two friends fulfilling a life long ambition to set foot on the Salt at Bonneville speedway. They also took a Ducati 1198 with them, just to you know, have a go and I made a film about it. What better setting than the final event of the year, the stage was set, the conditions the best in years. With one man driving a van with the bike over from Los Angeles, the other leaving wife and child behind in Glasgow. Sometimes you’ve just got to ask yourself why not?


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