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Hellbound (2018)

Run Time: 1:08:00
Producer: Ben Winston
Director: Ben Winston
Writer: Ben Winston
Cast: Kyle Colton, Jon Meeks, Trudy Walker, Paige Barlow


Ben Winston’s feature film debut about two reckless bikers on a provocative, nightmarish journey through the mountains. Shot entirely on black and white 16mm film. It invokes the aesthetic of the classic films of the 1970s.


A preview to my new film Hellbound. All shot on black and white 16mm film. I cant afford true telecine at the moment so here is some rough footage that I projected on the wall and shot with a video camera.

I knew I wanted to make a black and white film from the get go. I thought about what subject matter would best suit this medium and decided old choppers and naked witches was the only option.




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