An Electric Monster?

A concept of a Ducat e-Monster, with characteristic trellis frame and minimal bodywork doing a good job of holding the battery pack and motor. Kudos! [Alessandro Lupo]
As more and more motorcycle companies make the shift into the electric segment, there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing some seriously slick fully-electric models in the coming years. Giving us a possible glimpse into what an electric future might look like, designer Alessandro Lupo — who is probably best-known for his Audi Supersport 10R motorcycle concept — recently unveiled his renderings of a battery-powered Ducati Monster.

The design uses the Italian naked’s hallmark trellis frame, sculpted tank (which acts as a storage compartment), and exposed powertrain, though features a slew of modern tweaks and elements such as a bobbed street-fighter tail and X-shaped LED headlight. A blend of vintage cafe racer aesthetics with contemporary and futuristic visual themes, Lupo says he chose the Monster as the basis for his electric concept because he felt it’s the Bologna brand’s most iconic model and recognizable model. While it’s only a digital rendering, this is one Monster of a Monster.

Arc Bankrupt After $1,000,000 In Crowdfunding 

It was supposed to be the future of badass, but now there’s only a memory. EV companies burn through cash like incinerators… [Arc]
At EICMA 2018, a high-end electric motorcycle model was unveiled, known as the Arc Vector. It was admittedly an impressive machine, boasting a futuristic design, top-shelf running gear, a curb weight of 485lbs, a 2.7-second 0-60mph time, and a powertrain capable of generating 133hp and 292ft-lbs of torque. Despite the Vector’s roughly $110,000 price-tag, the startup was nonetheless able to raise more than $1.1M through crowdfunding in order to get production off the ground. Sadly, less than two-months after securing said funding, the company has now filed for bankruptcy, putting an end to the exclusive electric — at least for the time being.

New Thai Electric Startup Seeks Funding 

The Spider concept machine, taking inspiration from Keanu Reeve’s Arch motorcycles. [Spider]
As one electric startup goes under, another emerges, with the latest being the “Spider” electric motorcycle project. The brainchild of designer, Piriya Chitpranee, who has previously worked doing R&D for Honda, the Spider is a fully-electric power-cruiser concept that puts a modern twist on classic American iron. The design is sporty and minimalistic and features an array of modern hardware dressed up as old-school cruiser components. At this point, the Spider is limited to a single profile rendering, and Piriya has yet to release any information on specs or the powertrain. At this point, it’s become increasingly clear that no segment is off-limits from electrification.

Yamaha Shows Off Two E-Scooter Models Ahead Of EICMA

The new Yamaha EO1 scooter, looking sporty and aggressive. One of 18 new models coming to EICMA this year. [Yamaha]
This year, Yamaha has some big plans for EICMA. The tuning fork company says it will be showing off no-less-than 18 models, one-third of which will make their world premiere. In an effort to drum up some hype prior to the annual show in Milan, Yamaha has decided to give the motorcycling public a sneak peek at a few of its upcoming electric offerings.

The Yamaha E02 is a commuter-friendly e-scooter. [Yamaha]
The first battery-powered Yammy is the E01; a 125cc equivalent electric scooter designed for urban use and with fast-charging capabilities. The E02 is a smaller, equally-slick 50cc equivalent scoot, that, like its big sibling, sports modern bodywork and a flashy livery with neon highlights and a synthetic material adorning the seats. Yamaha also gave an early glimpse of its E-Vino, an electric version of the brand’s popular 50cc vintage-themed scooter. While none of these models offer any particularly groundbreaking features or technologies, they do clearly demonstrate that major manufacturers like Yamaha are making electric two-wheelers a bigger and bigger part of their lineup.

Dutch Treat

The Brekr has a simple spine frame that wedges the battery in the middle, like a vintage flat-tanker. [Brekr]
This week we were also treated to a new electric moped from Dutch outfit, Brekr. Dubbed the “B4000” (or “Model B”), the newly-unveiled machine boasts a unique design that borrows stylistic elements from classic mopeds, motocrossers, and mountain bikes. Constructed around an aluminum frame and riding on full-size forged wheels, the B4000 is powered by a swappable 1.9kWh battery that affords a 30-50 mile range. The Model B can also use two batteries, doubling the mopeds range.

A simple battery swap-out system makes charging a snap, indoors. [Brekr]
The Model B also gets full-suspension fore and aft and can reach a top speed of around 30mph. The company says it hopes to have the B4000 in showrooms by the Spring of 2020, with the model initially being released in the German, Dutch, and Belgian markets before a wider rollout at a later date. The B4000 will reportedly cost €4,199 ($4,650).

HORWIN Europe Drops Two New Electric Moto Models

The new Horwin electric motorcycle from the veteran Austrian ebike producer. [Horwin]
In addition to all of the new electric scooters models that have been popping up, this week we also saw a new electric motorcycle from Austria’s HORWIN — which already makes several electric models, ranging from Bird-style scooters, to full-on electric MXers. HORWIN’s latest machine, the CR6 is a fully-electric standard/naked-style motorcycle offered in two specs; the base model; and the Pro.

The Horwin Pro from Austria. [Horwin]
Both versions use the same Panasonic 18650 lithium-ion battery with a 55aH capacity and 72v output. An 80-percent charge can be achieved in three-hours, which offers a range of approximately 90-miles (or 80 miles for the Pro-spec). Top speed is said to be 60mph for the regular model and 65mph for the Pro, which also weighs in at 13lbs more than the base CR6’s 295lb curb weight. According to HORWIN, the CR6, while only making 10hp, is reportedly good for a whopping 218ft-lbs of torque, while the Pro model makes an even crazier 223ft-lbs (and 14hp). Both bikes have a 55-inch wheelbase, 32-inch seat height, and full suspension and single discs front and back. The biggest difference between the two versions is the CR6 Pro comes with a clutch and a five-speed gearbox. Right now, both versions are available for pre-order (only in Germany and Austria) with a price of €5,890 ($6,525) for the CR6 and €6,990 ($7,750) for the CR6 Pro.

India’s Super Sleek “F77” eBike Concept 

In the Lotus school of design comes the Ultraviolette from India.  The F77 is the first Indian high-performance motorcycle. [Ultraviolette]
Founded in 2016  Ultraviolette is a Bengaluru-based company focused on sustainable mobility and EV infrastructure. After receiving financial backing from India’s TVS Motor Company, Ultraviolette is now building what it’s touting as “India’s first high-performance electric motorcycle” (which it may be if it beats the Emflux One and MANKAME EP – 1 to market). Called the “F77”, the trick new Indian ebike is quite the looker, with a modern and aggressive design. Underneath the fancy bodywork the F77 hides a powertrain with a 25kW (33.5hp) output, though aside from that details are pretty scant, outside of the fact it’s being compared to 250cc ICE models. Ultraviolette will officially debut the F77 on November 13 in India, when full specs are expected to be unveiled along with a physical prototype.

Gogoro Launches New Smart E-Scooter

The new Gogoro design, from this Taiwanese pioneer of the ‘battery station’ concept.  Graphics looking an awful lot like our ‘Custom Revolution’ catalog! [Gogoro]
Gogoro, a major player in the EV game, has just pulled the cover off its latest proton-powered product with the all-new VIVA Smart Scooter. Built as a small-displacement scooter equivalent, the VIVA boasts 21-liters of storage space, a curb weight of only 175lbs, and a 50+ mile range, though the batteries are swappable, and Gogoro has a leading network of battery charging stations.

The new Gogoro Viva comes in colors. [Gogoro]
What makes the VIVA “Smart” is Gogoro’s iQ System, which links to scooter to a smartphone and allows for a range of features like geofencing, powertrain, and battery monitoring, LED lighting throughout, and even security features like fingerprint and face-scan unlocking. Offered in five playful color options, the VIVA is expected to go on sale this month with an MSRP of $1,800, before hitting additional markets in Q1 of 2020.

Dyson Concept Vaporware Sucks Up Attention

That sucking sound you hear? That’s vaporware stealing your attention…[Saharudin Busri]
Dyson Vacuums has a well-established reputation for its outside-the-box industrial design and cutting-edge technologies. Inspired by the famous appliance outfit, concept artists, Saharudin Busri just released images of his Dyson-inspired electric motorcycle concept, and it’s as weird as it is awesome. Sporting a hubless wheel setup and a collection of space-ship-themed visual elements, Busri’s concept is one of the most futuristic-looking two-wheelers I’ve ever laid eyes on. The photos pretty much speak for themselves, so I’ll end things there.

Electrifying Classic Cars

Sacrilege or genius? We know one thing: if all EVs looked this good, they would be a LOT more popular! [Lunaz]
With one foot in the future and the other firmly planted in the past, Lunaz Design is a new outfit specializing in converting classic cars into electric motor and battery-powered rides. While Lunaz is far from the first to convert an ICE car to electric, the Silverstone-based company has come out the gate swinging with its first trio of projects; a 1953 jaguar XK120 with an 80kWh battery; a 1961 eight-passenger Rolls-Royce Phantom V powered by a 120kWh pack; and a 1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud with an unspecified battery.

The Rolls Royce is certainly a suitable subject, as silence was always one of their aims. [Lunaz]
On top of the electric powertrains, the British business is also revamping the interiors of these elegant, high-dollar classics with features such as SAT-Navs and other modern infotainment setups. The converted cars are also laced up with regenerative braking and fast-charging capabilities, and the like.  Lunaz’ rides supposedly pack quite a punch, too, with their electrified four-wheelers putting down as much as 590hp while still offering a healthy 250 mile range on a single charge. Based on their first three projects, we seriously can’t wait to see what Lunaz has in store for its next classic conversion .

Harley Pulls Plug On LiveWire Production 

Deadwire. But only temporarily – what did you expect? This will be sorted out quickly, too much is at stake. [Harley-Davidson]
Despite the MoCo’s grand ambitions and commendable effort, things with its inaugural electric model, Livewire, aren’t exactly going as planned. Not only are sales failing to meet the company’s projections, but Harley has now (at least temporarily) pulled the plug on deliveries and production of Livewire after experiencing some major charging issues. Harley is urging LW owner NOT to do any home charging, and only to power up their bikes at “professional charging stations”.

Unless there’s something we don’t know, production will resume shortly. [Harley-Davidson]
This is a pretty major blow to Harley, though it says the LW is still totally safe to pilot. And, the first batch of bikes was limited to only 1,600 units, so Harley won’t have to undergo an enormous recall, though it’s still bad news for the Milwaukee firm which plans on introducing a handful of additional electric models in the coming years. Hopefully, Harley can get this sorted out quickly, so it doesn’t destroy its EV’s reputation right out of the gate.