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Run Time: 1:41:00
Producer: Wallis-Hazan
Director: John Rich
Writer: Anthony Lawrence, Allan Weiss
Key Cast: Elvis Presley, Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Freeman, Charles Thomas – Stunt Rider


Elvis Presley as a Roving, Restless, Reckless, ROUSTABOUT!

Charlie Rogers (Elvis Presley) is a leather-jacketed biker who’s fired from a singing engagement after getting into a fight with a group of college toughs. While riding his cycle – a Honda 305 Superhawk – to the next gig, an irate dad runs him off the road when he flirts with his daughter. He’s forced to take a job as a “Roustabout” with a traveling carnival until his bike can be fixed. The carnival is run by a tough old broad, a broken-down drunk, and his nubile daughter. Along the way, Charlie (who’s got a chip on his shoulder about being an orphan) somehow learns about family values from this vaguely dysfunctional one. A scheming rival carny shows up, based on the legend of Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis Presley’s real-life manager.


Elvis quickly embraces the carnival life and even tries his hand at the Wall Of Death! It’s long been rumored that Elvis did his own stunts including the lap on the wall that ends in a nasty crash, but in fact it was Charles E. Thomas who rode as his stunt double on a Harley Scat 175cc. In real life, Thomas owned and operated the Motordrome featured in the film, and his picture can be seen just above ‘Elvis’s’ head (in the black and white lobby card). Thomas passed away a year later.

The Roustabout soundtrack album was number one on the Billboard Albums Chart, which was a great accomplishment in that it reached number one during the peak of Beatle Mania and the British Invasion.

The title song, Roustabout is the one everyone remembers. However Elvis also recorded another song for the film called “I’m a Roustabout”. “Roustabout” was picked and “I’m a Roustabout” was never released. The song was recently discovered and was released as a bonus track on a CD in 2003. Listen to it here: I’m a Roustabout


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