The Vintagent Classics: The films that inspired us. 

RUN, ANGEL, RUN! (1969)

Run Time: 1:35:00
Producer: Fanfare Films
Director: Jack Starrett
Editor: Richard Compton (story), Jerome Wish (screenplay – as Jerry Wish)
Key Cast: William Smith, Valerie Starrett, Dan Kemp


Director Jack Starrett is known for his complex ‘B’ movies, including several other ‘biker flick’ classics The Losers (1970), and Race With The Devil (1975) that go above and beyond the genre standard. Run, Angel, Run! was shot in 13 days.

A bit of Biker Flick trivia, the gang that appears in the film, also appears in ‘The Losers’ (1970) and ‘Werewolves on Wheels’ (1971).


Angel, a member of a tough motorcycle gang roaming the Southwest, gets on offer from a major news magazine. In exchange for giving the magazine a big scoop by exposing the inner workings of his gang, the magazine will pay him $10,000. Angel takes the offer, although it means he and his girlfriend must now go on the run from cyclists looking for revenge. Along the way, they hide out with a sheep farmer, earning their keep by taking care of the farm and building a new life together.


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