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Run Time: 1:17:00
Director: John Paddy Carstairs
Key Cast: George Formby, Dorothy Hyson, George Merritt


“Lucrative… convoluted… unwieldy and overly complex… squandered”, says Vic Pratt of the British Film Institute“Everything percolating as it should,” says ‘Alliwell.

This film was definitely lost to history as far as motorcycle movies goes…and we’re thrilled to have finally tracked it down. While there is no trailer available, we’ve compiled the best of the motorcycle cop, Hell Rider, Wall of Death bits in the clip above. Sideways police chase in the Motordrome… yes please!


A right bleedin’ berk in the War Reserve police force struggles along to make the grade, meets a girl, fails the flying squad motorcycle test spectacularly, gets utilized by saboteurs, goes on the run, saves the day (and the Wall Of Death), and gets the girl, as well as the motorcycle (with sidecar).


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