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Run Time: 1:00:00
Producer: Associated Television (UK)
Director: Norman Harrison
Writer: John Gosling(book), Lewis Davidson (screenplay)
Key Cast: Donald Wolfit, Michael Quinn, Angela Browne


Ghost Squad was a crime drama series that ran between 1961 and 1964, about an elite division of Scotland Yard. In each episode the Ghost Squad would investigate cases that fell outside the scope of normal police work. Despite the show and characters being fictional, an actual division did exist within the Metropolitan Police at the time.

Inspiration for the series was taken from a book of the same title written by John Gosling, a retired police officer and former member of the real-life squad it is based on. This squad operated only in London, but the members of the fictional team travel all over Europe, sometimes to fictitious countries.


The adventures of the agents of Scotland Yard’s secret undercover crime unit, dubbed “The Ghost Squad”.

In Episode 5 ‘High Wire”, Craig dons the disguise of a Wall of Death motorcycle rider to infiltrate a gang responsible for a series of audacious robberies. His ability to ride the machines leads to him being offered the role of lookout on the gang’s next job.


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