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Run Time: 1:19:49
Michel Levesque
David M. Kaufman, Michel Levesque
Key Cast:
Stephen Oliver, D.J. Anderson, and Deuce Barry


“We know how we’ll die, we’re gonna crash and burn, baby!”

Werewolves on Wheels is a 1971 American exploitation film directed by Michel Levesque and starring Stephen Oliver, D.J. Anderson, and Deuce Barry. It blends two genres: the outlaw biker film and the traditional horror film.


“Heavy, someone’s controlling the vibes.”

A biker gang, The Devil’s Advocates, is off on a routine, hell raising romp when Taro suggests they visit a Satanic monastery, after an ominous reading of one of the girl friend’s (Helen) taro cards. On arriving, a bunch of robed monks give them bread and wine, and when the gang passes out on their front lawn, they sacrifice a cat, and nab Helen for a ritual.

Luckily the gang wakes in time to rescue poor Helen, and they split the scene. Unfortunately for them, it seems the cult’s ritual has left the mark of Satan on the gang, and Helen isn’t quite the same. Make out sessions turn to bikers becoming werewolves and killing other members. Movie (named for his voice impressions) gets it bad, and Taro leaves the gang because of the bad vibes.

“One foot in heaven and the other in hell. One eye on the bible, one eye on the gin.”

All in all this film should be cheap, low budget fun, but The cinematography and original soundtrack make it great. The opening scenes reminds you of easy rider, and the score is by Don Gere, is obsession worthy. Thankfully, the soundtrack is available on Vinyl. Enjoy!


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