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Run Time: 16:27
A film by: Ned & Mike Thanhouser
Key Cast: Richard Moore (Voice Of Ray Tauscher)


Ned is an award winning documentary filmmaker. He is also an avid member of the local motorcycle community and has produced several short films about the Alley Sweeper and the Black Dog Dual Sport events, as well as the 2016 feature documentary film The Monkey & Her Driver, which follows America’s only all women sidecar road racing team for 2015. The Vintagent featured the trailer for this film back in 2020.

Produced by award winning Portland filmmaker Ned Thanhouser and his multimedia journalist son Michael, Ray Tauscher (2020) recounts the career of Portland’s “Yankee” rider and his rise to international fame as one of the world’s top motorcycle riders.


Raymond F. Tauscher (Tauser in international press), born in Portland in 1905, began riding motorcycles in 1920 inspired by racing at the Gresham Speed Bowl. His competitive racing career began in 1923 where he won the regional championship. His titleholder status took him around the globe five times where in 1931 he won international championship titles in the UK, Europe and Australia. Ray returned to America in 1934 where he was a leading proponent of motorcycle racing on the east and west coasts of the United States eventually retiring in Portland.

In 2020 Ned Thanhouser and son Michael Thanhouser researched Ray’s racing career, located surviving family members and collected Ray’s scrapbooks, photo albums, and racing memorabilia. This 17-minute documentary film tells the story of Ray’s racing career, his world-wide travels, and his loves.

This film premiered at the South Jersey Moto Film Festival on December 4, 2020.






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