First Motor Vehicle Across the USA

Bike: 1903 California 1 1/2H.P.
ENGINE: 200cc inlet-over-exhaust single-cylinder
SPEED: 25mph
WEIGHT: 80lbs
FUEL CAPACITY: 1.5gal (est.)
RANGE: 90 miles (est.)

In 1903, George Wyman set out to ride his California motorcycle across the USA. He struggled mightily to cross high mountain ranges and vast deserts with his low-powered machine, as only a few miles of roads were paved in the USA at that time. In between large cities, all the roads were laid with what nature provided: dirt, sand, mud, and rocks. In many states, no roads existed at all, only ancient horse paths over which Wyman was the first person to cross with a motor. He rode alone and without support, at times riding in railroad lines where motorcycling was impossible. After 50 days of toil, George Wyman became the first person to cross overland from coast to coast on a motorized vehicle.