First Motorcycle on the Moon?

BIKE: Tardigrade
ENGINE: Electric
SPEED: 30mph
WEIGHT: 120lbs (est)
RANGE: 63 miles

When Russian designer Andrew Fabishevskiy mocked up a virtual concept for an off-world motorcycle in 2020, it garnered millions of views on social media.  Fans included Maximilian Funk at Hookie Co. in Hamburg, Germany, who typically build custom motorcycles for earthly pleasure.  Funk reached out to Fabishevskiy for a license to actually build his outer-space motorcycle concept.  The result is a mix of real off-world technology (Kevlar 3D-printed wheels, space-grade insulation, etc) and terrestrial practicality, like an engine, battery, and power management system by Swedish brand Cake.  Hookie Co. called their project Tardigrade, for the only animal that can survive in space, and set about solving the real-world problems of building a convincing off-world overland motorcycle. Tardigrade was constructed specially for the ADV:Overland exhibit.