Joey Ruiter

Joey Ruiter is a Michigan native who is rooted to his home state physically, but his design language is purely conceptual.  After studies at Kendall College of Art and Design, he established a career as an industrial designer with J.RUITER Studio, working on a broad spectrum of objects: boats, office furniture for Herman Miller, the reboot of Buell motorcycles, etc.  But it’s his conceptual vehicle designs that have brought broad acclaim, as they are incomparable in their radical simplicity.  Joey’s vehicles on roads, snow, and water challenge the very definition of ‘car’, ‘motorcycle’, and ‘boat’ in their rigorous geometry.

Joey Ruiter’s refusal to cater to accepted design priorities – ergonomics and user interface – in favor of a purity of shape and concept, can make his vehicles challenging, or even threatening to a viewer.  They do not need a driver or rider to be complete, they simply exist, aloof and perfect.  His commitment to this conceptual practice makes him nearly unique in the world of vehicle design.  Such startling rigor might be impossible for actual production, but as thought-provoking statements they are unparalleled.

At the Petersen: Joey Ruiter’s Moto Undone, NOMOTO, and Another Sedan