‘Lost in Space’: Off-World Overlanding

Bike: 1965 Lost in Space chariot (replica)
ENGINE: Ford 6-cylinder 170ci OHV
SPEED: 30mph
WEIGHT: ~2600lbs
RANGE: 200 miles

The ‘Lost in Space’ television series (1965-8) imagined an overcrowded Earth in 1997, with humans sent to space to colonize other planets. The show featured the Robinson family looking for a suitable earth-like home near Alpha Centauri, and their Jupiter 2 spacecraft contained an amazing tracked chariot. Their overland journeys on far-flung planets left an indelible impression on fans of the show, as the design of the chariot was superb, combining 1960s haute ski vibes with outer-space silver reflective curtains. The original TV chariot was lost on Earth for many years, so John Antonellis of Boston’s Elevator Interior Design fabricated this exquisite replica as the ultimate fan homage, built atop a Thiokol Spryte Sno Cat of the same vintage as the original 1965 chariot.