Round the World 1948 Indian Chief

BIKE: 1948 Indian 348 Chief
ENGINE: 1210cc sidevalve V-twin
SPEED: 85mph
WEIGHT: 550lbs
RANGE: 120miles

In 2006 Doug Wothke (‘RTW Doug’) was inspired to ride his vintage Indian motorcycle around the world, regardless it being a 60-year old machine with very limited suspension travel. On the other hand, the Chief is beautiful motorcycle and attracts attention wherever ridden, which certainly helped when mechanical problems surfaced. His Indian had plenty of mechanical issues, but they were always solved with the help of local machinists and welders willing to lend a hand, in the time-honored tradition of helping stranded travelers. Doug rode across Europe to the Balkans, through Ukraine, and across Russia, and documented his adventures on his website There you can follow every muddy track, mosquito-infested swamp, broken spring, seized piston, and worn-out bushing he encountered along his 6-month journey.