Round the World by BMW GS

BIKE: 2002 BMW 1150GS A
ENGINE: 1130cc OHV flat twin-cylinder
SPEED: 121mph
WEIGHT: 549lbs
RANGE: 308 miles

Jason Grotte grew up in a motorcycling family in California. He took a job in Holland in 2000, and purchased this 2002 BMW GS to try adventure touring, a product category the GS model had established in 1980. Jason traveled to Turkey to see Istanbul, which led to a trip through Iran, then four months in India, Ladakh, Nepal, and Kashmir. He hadn’t planned on circling the globe on his BMW, but followed his interests, staying in a country as long as he wanted, then moving on. He met a woman in Thailand who later became his wife, and she joined him in Bali and Australia, before he shipped his bike to South America, where he spent 9 months. Jason’s round-the-world adventure lasted two years and 60,000 miles.