Stefan Ytterborn

Swedish design entrepreneur Stefan Ytterborn has a long track record of successful business development.  He founded the winter sports gear company POC in 2004, which was oriented towards safety and reducing the consequences of accidents for skiers and gravity sports athletes.  Stefan’s strategic development of POC made him responsible for over 2000 consumer products, as POC was sold at the retail level in 45 countries.  In 2012 he sold his interest in POC.

In 2016, Stefan founded CAKE, an electric motorcycle company.  Their first model, the Kalk off-road bike, debuted in early 2018 and was immediately hailed as an extraordinary design, winning many design awards.  With a motto of ‘explore with respect’, CAKE’s aim was to bring positive changes to the motorcycle industry and the world, inspiring movement towards a ‘zero-emission society.’   CAKE now has three base models and many variants and options, including the Kalk AP, sent to African nature preserves to support anti-poaching efforts, the Ösa utility motorcycle, and the lightweight Makka moped.  Their recent :work series of bikes and accessories emphasizes the unique capabilities of e-Motos for utilitarian purposes.

At the Petersen: CAKE Kalk AP, Ösa :work, Makka :work.