Arch-tastemaker Karl Lagerfeld fully understands the erotic power of old motorcycles, making them essential characters in his short films for Chanel (see the previous film here).  At the pinnacle of his long career as a fashion designer and photographer, Lagerfeld frequently uses motorcycle gear – boots, jackets, pants, helmets, and motorcycles themselves – as source material for his edgiest Chanel clothing.   His latest film  features a buff-colored 1970s Ducati ‘square case’ 750S, and Keira Knightley.  While Ms.Knightley only rides the Ducati while sitting on a trailer, her stunt double certainly looks good in a fawn suede jumpsuit, jumping the Ducati over stairs!

The entire color palette for Knightley’s jumpsuit, boots, and the Ducati itself, was created to match an off-the-shelf Ruby ‘Belvedere’ helmet. Jérome Coste, Ruby’s designer, has Karl’s literal blessing (see below); revolving the art direction for this film around a non-Chanel product is quite a compliment. For a bit more look at the Ducati, the Ruby, and Keira, here’s a ‘Making Of’ video.  Interesting that Keira herself doesn’t realize the erotic charge of seeing a woman in a catsuit riding a motorcycle, until she sees her stunt double riding the bike, when she is “almost embarrassed”!

Keira Knightley with her off-the-shelf Ruby helmet and matching fawn suede riding suit. Not that she rode in it! [Chanel]
Karl Lagerfeld gives his blessing to Ruby designer Jérome Coste with Chanel fabric Ruby helmet. [Jerome Coste]


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