It just keeps coming back, like Herpes, and now Biker Chic is stronger than ever! Every major fashion house has re-discovered the magnetic sexual pull of the black-clad motorcyclist, and cargo ships from China and Pakistan are foundering under the weight of thousands of cheap leather jackets headed to our shores.

Studs and studs, because bigger is better, in all things… [People]
It doesn’t matter that the leather is under 1mm thick, as these jackets will never be used ‘in anger’, not even on a moped, because let’s face it, ACTUAL motorcycling is dead as a doornail. Kids today could give a hoot about escaping their schools, parents, or towns using two wheels; they’re not interested in Anything but playing with their little screens.

LiLo in black leather..ish. She’s got a biker attitude, and looks like she’s been chasing white lines…[God knows]
A few oddball youngsters will pick up motorcycling like a foreign language, because they’re strange, or their parents ride, but in general, motorcycling has lost its mojo. The skills, fresh air, danger, and freedom granted by riding matters nought, and new bike sales graphs skid downhill like ski slopes.

Biker boots, or not. [??]
But the ‘Look’ of motorcycling is HOT! Who needs to ride when HandM and Zara are selling such cool ‘bikerish’ leather? When every model is stretched across an old bike, but are never photographed handling a 500lb motorcycle…or are fakey-photographed on a ‘moving’ bike, while perched on a trailer!

Proper motorcycle lads, of a sort. [Antique Photo World]
[While this article hews close to the truth, it’s really about April Fool’s, folks!]