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The Leather Boys (1964)

Run Time: 1:48:00
Director: Sidney J. Furie
Writer: Gillian Freeman (screenplay and novel)
Cast: Rita Tushingham, Colin Campbell, Dudley Sutton.


Toronto-born Sidney J. Furie has enjoyed an incredibly distinguished career that has spanned more than five decades. Having dabbled in every genre, Furie has directed films starring Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Robert Redford, Diana Ross, Michael Caine, Peter O’Toole, Rodney Dangerfield, Barbara Hershey, Gene Hackman, Donald Sutherland, ‘Laurence Olivier’ (qav) and countless others.


“The frustrations of sexual conflict . . .”

Based on the novel “The Leather Boys” by Gillian Freeman, this British drama follows the ‘kitchen sink’ realist movement style of the early 60’s, portraying real people living real lives. No Hollywood epic here. It deals with taboo issues of underage marriage, teenage angst, sexual, moral ambiguity and homosexuality. Pick up the book if you can. It tells an even darker tale culminating in crime sprees and murder.


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