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Run Time: 15:00
Producer: Joe Fleming
Producer: Jimmy Reynolds
Assistant Producer: Leroy Tulip
Editor: Alan Shenton
Post Production and Grading: Yoav Dagan
Final Mix: Darryl Torr and Mike Wright


Our purpose behind the Sabie Bubble Run is to show a side of South Africa that most of the world has never seen and to entice other motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world to join in on the next run. The run began in 2014 by three guys Marnitz Venter, Leroy Tulip and Joe Fleming. Joe is an American who had been on traditional motorcycle runs in the US like the El Diablo Run and wanted to bring something similar to his new home in South Africa so that others could experience an adventure they wouldn’t forget.


The Sabie Bubble Run is the first traditional motorcycle run in South Africa.

This short film shows a bit about the run itself, the people and the beautiful country of South Africa. There were 25 in attendance for the 2015 Sabie Bubble Run and spots will be limited in 2016 to 50 South African’s and 15 spots for international attendees.