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The Art Of Moto (2013)

Run Time: 1 hour and 29 minutes

Producer & Director: Mark Homan


I was first exposed to motocross in 1973 at age 14 at a track called Motosports Park in Byron, IL. Back then the sport was new in our country so not much was known about it. Motocross quickly became my passion and much to my parent’s dismay, I started racing two years later. I made it to the 125 intermediate class with finishes consistently in the top thirty percent, before my racing days appeared to be over when money ran out and had to focus on my future. Most people I’ve talked to who don’t know the sport, have no idea of what really goes into it. This became the reason for the film-to give those who don’t know a lot about the sport an idea of what it is and what it feels like, while at the same time present a celebration to those who already do. After researching and talking about my idea, I committed to making the film and the journey began. – Mark Homan~Producer/Director


THE ART OF MOTO is a documentary film that puts you inside the helmet of a professional motocross racer and on some of the gnarliest tracks in the world. Fly through the air and rip up the dirt with the fastest and most renown riders in the sport. Find out how the sport began, evolved and eventually came to America.

Roger DeCoster, Ricky Carmichael, Gary Jones, Ryan Dungey, Ashley Fiolek, Sara Price and many more will take you on a journey that can only be paralleled by actual racing. If you’re a rider, you will appreciate this celebration of the toughest sport on the planet. If you’ve never ridden in your life… sit back and enjoy the best perspective you can get without taking the risks these courageous racers face every time they are on the track.

THE ART OF MOTO-Capture the Experience!


The film is available for purchase on DVD and download on the website.