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Run Time: 106 minutes
Executive Producer: Daniel Rintz
Producer: Kristian Brunn
Director: Daniel Rintz
Writer: Kristian Brunn
Writer: Daniel Rintz
Music: Sascha Knorr
Key Cast: Issa Breibish
Key Cast: Kristian Brunn
Key Cast: Megan Gay
Key Cast: Grant Johnson
Key Cast: Susan Johnson
Key Cast: Daniel Rintz
Key Cast: Ted Simon


Daniel Rintz, born in East Germany gained the chance to explore the world in his teen years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He enjoys traveling and riding adventure motorcycle around the world with the love of his life.


A day-dreamer rides around the world on a motorcycle, surviving only on money he makes along the way, until he finds what he wasn’t even looking for.

Traveling by motorbike, Daniel and Lars set out on an exhilarating journey to circumnavigate the globe. Aiming to finance their trip by working as they go, they want to experience local cultures more immediately than any tourist could.


The full film is available for purchase on DVD and download on the website.


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