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Run Time: 3:59

Talent: Leslie Padoll
Director: Trevor Gavin
Director of Photography: Nathan Henry
Producer: Laura Techera
Lighting: Cris Moris
Sound Op: Kristian Borysevicz
Production Assistant: Sean Li
Photographer: Adrian van de Water
Editor: Trevor Gavin
Sound Design & Mix: Defacto Sound
Original Music: Jesse Clark – The Sam Chase


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After Passion at Work, comes the second episode of Why I Ride, this time featured by Leslie and her bike, Francie. Growing up in a family of riders, it was natural that Leslie would have a “desire to get on the road.” As a designer living in New York, Leslie is always in search of a chance to get on the road.Despite the fact that riding’s often seen as a “masculine thing,” Leslie’s love of bikes and the freedom of the road have remained since childhood. “I just want to do things because they are worth doing,” she explains. Riding is her way to connect with herself, let go of insecurities, and rediscover what’s important in life.There’s something really, really romantic about the connection with your motorcycle …” Leslie’s Harley, Francie (named after her grandma) is the bike that changed her perspective on riding. Francie helps Leslie escape the pressures and responsibilities of the city and find “a place of happiness.“I’m the one making the road, drawing the map. See where the road takes.”


Breaking Hearts And Burning Rubber


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