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Morbidelli – a Story of Men and Fast Motorcycles (2014)

Run Time: 1:23:00
Director: Jeffrey Zani
Producer, Script: Matthew Gonzales
Graphic Design: Alice Fedele
Music: Miki Yamanaka, Groovin’ Hammond Trio, Nils Bergholz, Reverend Dave
Featured Photos Of: Fermino Fraternali, Jan Burgers, Armando Amaducci
Vintage Film Editing: Romano Neri, Cesare Pandolfi, C.H.Wood Production
Narrator: Aaron Pagnon (English) Jeffrey Zani (english)
Interviews: Jeffrey Zani


Jeffrey Zani is a freelance journalist and filmmaker

His articles and photos have been published in the magazines Cafè Racer (USA), (CAN), Canadian Biker Magazine (CAN), Inside Motorcycles (CAN), Italian Motor Magazine (UK), Esses (UK), Benzina (UK), Classic Racer (UK), Classic Bike (UK), Motorcycle Sport & Leisure (UK), Retro Bike (AUS), Rapid Bikes (AUS), (AUS), Australian Motorcycle News (AUS), Motociclismo d’Epoca (ITA), Rolling Stone (ITA), Icon (ITA), Cafè Racer Italia (ITA), Vice (ITA), GQ (ITA), Riders (ITA), Special Cafè (ITA), Ferro (ITA), Moto Storiche e d’Epoca (ITA), Moto Tecnica (ITA), Classi en Retro (NED), Moto Heroes (FRA)

He’s co-author of the book Cafe Racers, published in 2016 by Nada Editore, and the author of Avventura, published by OCGarage to support a charity project in Mozambique.

He has directed three documentaries: Scuderia Filibusta (2012) and Morbidelli – a Story of Men and Fast Motorcycles (2014),
Mancini, the Motorcycle Wizard (2016)

His documentaries have been screened in Italy, USA, Spain; on Emirates Airlines flights; on Netflix Italy

He lived and worked in Bologna, San Marino and New York


Discover the story of the Morbidelli team, which in the 70s was able to win 4 World Championship with its home-crafted prototypes, against Japan’s main motorcycle companies. Here’s an adventure that mixes talent and bravado.

Starting with the mopeds he tuned up as a teenager at the end of World War 2 and finishing with a prototype that raced in the top class of the World Championship during the early Eighties, the Italian Giancarlo Morbidelli’s career as a motorcycle designer and builder reached its peak when, between 1975 and 1977, he won four world titles in two different classes. The goal was clear from 1969, when Morbidelli built his first racing bike with the help of some friends, taking the path that took him to his successes. Speed, talent and bravado are mixed in a story that involves men and machines, passion and tradition, risk and tragedy. Including the frienship with Enzo Ferrari and the battles against the Japanese motorcycle companies, Morbidelli’s story is now told to remember an era when David was still able to beat Goliath.

Shot between Emilia – Romagna and the Marches in the spring of 2013; completed in New York between the summer of 2013 and the winter of 2014.


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