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Sugar & Spade (2017)

Key Cast: Austin “Brown Sugar” Johnson
Key Cast: “Spade” George Bennett
Director, Producer: Mark MacInnis
Producer, Executive Producer: Wil Thomas
Producer, Executive Producer: James Ken Blackmon
Executive Producer: Brian Awitan
Music, Original Score: Rocco Deluca


Dos Caminos Productions began in the summer of 2015 with its inaugural film, “Sugar & Spade”. This passion project about two life-long friends was the catalyst that brought Director/Producer-Mark MacInnis, Producer-James Ken Blackmon, and Producer-Wil Thomas III together. These three being friends themselves, saw this as the perfect opportunity to utilize their diverse collective talents to tell this heart-warming story. With their trajectory set towards shedding light on issues of “social responsibility” and “civil progress”, these three creatives are positioned to move forward. As Dos Caminos Productions continues into other projects they plan on keeping the spirit in which they were formed alive.



‘Spade’ George and Austin ‘Brown Sugar’ are two life-long friends, brought together in the late ’60s by their mutual love for powerful custom built motorcycles. From Brooklyn, NY to San Francisco, CA, they’ve been front and center in the fast-paced biker world of guns, girls, gas, and the occasional run-in with the law. Even though they found themselves living on opposite coasts, their deep bond has been constant. These early iconoclasts have given their lives to the unique American chopper culture, with Austin’s phenomenal photos and sensational stories to prove it. Each exemplifies in his own way what’s best about these exotic machine builders and their way of life. Being among the first African-American chopper riders in NYC, and inspiring the next generation is only part of the story. Now, they’ll finally be reunited after 30 years in the city where it all began.

* This year is their 50-year anniversary of friendship


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