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Run Time: 5:25
Director: Roberto Serrini
For: Rev’it
Key Cast: The American Wall Of Death


Roberto Serrini studied writing, then photography, then editing to become a director. His style is a culmination of these tools, combined with the learned appreciation for communication that one acquires being a professional traveller. He loves the world, the people in it, and the stories that come from it.

His focus in on small stories with big emotions, advertising that gets you thinking, and films that get you feeling. He’s not interested in being like anyone else, but secretly loves emulating geniuses he works with.

He lives in New York when he’s not traveling for Get Lost Magazine and flying drones.


Director Roberto Serrini takes us inside the celebrated “Wall of Death”, one of the last great American sideshow acts, performed exactly as it was 100 years ago. Antique Indian and Harley Davidson motorcycles ride the vertical wall inside a silo-shaped wooden cylinder, performing feats of daredevil moto-acrobatics and nabbing dollar bills from the hands of stunned viewers at the top.


Vimeo Channel: Two Wheels Only

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