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Impatience (1928)

Run Time: 36:57
Director: Charles Dekeukeleire
Cast: Yonnie Selma
Music: Amatorski


Charles Dekeukeleire (27 February 1905 – 2 June 1971) was a Belgian film director . He pioneered modern Belgian film with Henri Storck . He was inspired by French avant-garde cinema, particularly the works of Germaine Dulac.


‘Impatience’ (1928) is the first film to eroticize the motorcycle.  Other films of the Silent Era relied on motorcycles for their kinetic energy, but none made an explicit connection between a moving, vibrating motorcycle and a woman’s nude body, a landscape, a woman rider, and even swaying abstract shapes!  ‘Impatience’ is the pioneering film of Charles Dekeukeliere, a Belgian artist, whose work fits into the great artistic movements of the era – Futurism, Dada, and Suprematism.

Charles Dekeukeleire sought to create  a pure cinematic experience, without a narrative.  ‘Impatience’ has four characters – the motorcycle, the woman, the mountain, and abstract shapes, with the woman played by Yonnie Selma.  With no story, ‘Impatience’ is visual poetry.  The impact of this rarely-seen film can only be guessed at – did director Jack Cardiff know of it before he directed ‘Girl on a Motorcycle’ in 1968?  The parallels are striking, and some scenes are nearly identical – ‘Impatience’ clearly set the pattern for sexualizing the motorcycle, and relating the machine to a woman’s body, with the possibility of an erotic bond between them.





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