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Auto Revolution x Routeless (2017)

Run Time: Series
Director: Ian Beaudoux
Key Cast: Heath Pinter, Ian Beaudoux


Ian Beaudoux’s passion for storytelling and off the cuff living has lead him on many journeys throughout the world working with a wide range of clients including NASCAR, MotoGP, Alpinestars, Harley Davidson and A&E Network’s to name a few. Ian is known for his commercial work and in recent years has become known for documenting automotive, motorcycle and lifestyle culture.


Finishing a build becomes the start of a journey. Hot rod builder, fabricator and professional BMX rider, Heath Pinter, paired with film maker, Ian Beaudoux, hit the road to race hot rods and motorcycles, ride BMX, visit iconic shops and builders to see where the road takes them. Stay tuned for more.


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