The Vintagent’s first Instagram-based short film contest One Minute Moto is a wrap!  Our winners in both Vintagent’s Choice (by our judges) and People’s Choice (by popularity on IG) categories can be seen below.  Our award-winning filmmakers get prizes! A signed copy of ‘The Chopper; the Real Story’ or ‘Cafe Racers’, by Paul d’Orléans, a signed 8×10″ @MotoTintype wet plate print, and a groovy @via.meccanica  bandana.

Here are the winners! Thanks to everyone for submitting films; we’ll do it again in a few months!

Winner: Vintagent’s Choice

By @seandellfilm   Editor: Valerie Lasser at (Big Sky Edit)
“Shot on a beautiful Fall day in the Catskills. The bike is a 1949 BSA ZB34. The narrative, if you could call it that, is of a short ride, with a little moment in the middle where the rider, distracted by all the animal sounds he can mysteriously hear over the wind and engine noise, almost runs off the road (rustling leaves!), after which he goes home, parks the bike and opens a beer (the phsssst you hear at the very end)  It’s also a short loves song to Texas cowboy boots, which look completely out of place in the Catskills but there you are.  No accounting for the power of posing!”
Winner: Vintagent’s Choice

By @bobonelio 

Starring Grizzly Adams on his 1973 CB750 Honda

Guest appearance by The ‘Merican (Pappa Tony) on his 2000 Harley Road King

Concept, direction, and editing by Robert (Bob) Onelio

Camera and additional editing by Peter (LP) Onelio

As an Elementary Principal I spend my time during meetings day dreaming of wrenching and riding. For the last twenty years of my life, I have ridden or driven classic bikes and cars for my daily mode of transportation. This is my first attempt at a motorcycle flick…but perhaps not my last.

I love bears, I love Ronald Reagan, and I love motorcycles. What more can I say? That’s what it’s about.

Winner: Vintagent’s Choice

By @ianbeaudoux Directed, Filmed & Edited by: Ian Beaudoux
Fueled by: Black Bear Brand & Harley-Davidson
 “Join us on our adventure resulting from a dive into world of motorcycles that started with a 69 year old Harley Davidson and kick started one hell of a sequence of experience.”

Winner: People’s Choice


“I’m Quentin BOURRIT, but my signature surname for sketching motorcycle and other stuff like cars, posters, prints, and Design is Bouritorcycle. I’m a student of Product Design in Bordeaux, France. I’ve always been passionated by 2 wheels since my youngest age, my first one was a motobecane moped 41V this is the « élément déclencheur » . Moreover, i’ve always wanted to be a engineer, seats maker, frame maker, designer and all stuff you need to create your own motorcycle. Maxwell Hazan is my mentor. That’s why ‘m studying that things right now, because my «  project of life » is to have my own motorcycle workshop and to become that sort of person. Not to be one of these who just customize their motorcycles with a tank, paint and different parts…

About the video: Here is my short time lapse for the one minute moto fest. The sketch is based on the Christian Newman’s Black Knucklehead chopper (because I fuckin’ love choppers). I used designer techniques to make the sketch with good proportions and measures. But the medium I used is more artistic, as pencil ink, china ink, pastels, pigments, rough, and Posca… I spent 3 hours to make the sketch, and the video editing was complicated because the video must do 1 Minute ahahah. The sound is one of a Shovelhead kicking.”

Winner: People’s Choice

By @speeddeathmfg  Filmed & Directed by: Ashlee Herrity. Edited by Valerie Lasser (Big Sky Edit)

Key Cast: Rocco Douso, Franco Epifania, Raphael Montes, Speed Death Mfg (formerly Bobberheads)

“At Speed Death Mfg, we’re really huge fans and into Heavy Metal and motorcycles. We like hanging out in the garage and working on all types of motorcycles and just having a good time doing it. There’s never a dull moment when we’re all together doing what we love. We’ve also have taken part in charity events, sponsor shows, we enjoy the runs. Thank you so much  for showcasing us in this great social space at The Vintagent, it’s such a huge honor!”

 Winner: People’s Choice

By @machetecompany   Filmed by @pocholete for Machete Company

“The story was filmed in Arteixo, a little village located in Galicia, the northwest of Spain. The story is about a surrealistic superhero called Machete. He is a beer-a-holic and he uses it to skateboard and ride old motorcycles. Machete is a kind of Batman of Arteixo, he is under the womens’ wishes all the time twenty four hours a day.”