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Run Time: 7:34
Producer: Jacqui Carriere
Producer: Victoria Kanaris
Associate Producer: Lucian Maisel
Director: Jacqui Carriere
Editor: Victoria Kanaris
WriterJacqui Carriere
Sound Editing: Emily Erdbrink, Lucian Maisel, Lea Ostner
Camera: Jacqui Carriere
Still Photographer: Gabi Cohen
Assistant CameraDan Albright, Mia Zheng
Production Assistant: Gabi Cohen
Key Grip: Zachary Mills
Cast: Lucky 2 Strokes
Cast: Jacqui Carriere
Cast: Lucian Maisel


Jacqui Carriere recently graduated with a B.A. Film degree from Emerson College, specializing in directing and cinematography with a minor in Psychology. As demonstrated in Two-stroked: A Love Story, Jacqui enjoys approaching filmmaking as a Gonzo storyteller, immersing herself completely in the environments, lifestyles, and behaviors of her subjects in order to tell truly honest and personal stories with a unique voice that reflects her own collection of social criticisms on the world around her. Jacqui fell in love with mopeds over the summer of 2014, prompting her to pursue her passion project of Two-stroked: A Love Story — where she served as director, DP, co-editor, and co-producer. She is looking forward to pursuing more music-based projects as well as docu-narratives and documentaries in the near future, mastering DaVinci Resolve in her spare time, continuing to shoot what she loves, and hopes to someday upgrade from a Puch Maxi to a Triumph Bonneville.


Two-Stroked: A Love Story is a short documentary that looks to capture the romantic nature of the moped subculture, focusing specifically on a ragtag group of friends apart of the moped community in Boston and the special relationships they share with their not-so-trusty steeds.

The film aims to shed light on the sometimes quirky, most times unconventional love/hate relationship between the moped and its rider. Though it seems the trials and tribulations of owning and maintaining an antiquated franken-vehicle outweigh the good, there’s a particular ‘feeling’ that keeps Jacqui, Lucian and the guys at Lucky 2 Strokes going moped strong. Two-stroked: A Love Story explores the meaning of that special feeling as love: the love of antique vehicles, the love of basic motor mechanics and its accompanying grit and grime, the love of wrenching with friends, the love of long rides with nowhere to go, and the love of the pure freedom one gets with a tank of gas and a 50cc engine.