Slogdesign is a German industrial design company, and developed the new FEDDZ  e-Bike, a completely re-thought version of an electric moped with a top speed of 45 km/h, and a range of 60km.  It’s not simply a rehashed moped with batteries, or a bicycle with an add-on, it’s an integrated design that points the way forward for the industry.  Slogdesign developed an open chassis which includes the interchangeable battery with a low centre of gravity. The battery is installed in a box protecting it from rain and muck and theft; to remove the battery for charging, simply unlock it and lift it out.  The battery can be charged if the box remains in the two-wheeler, or out of the bike, and plugs into an ordinary socket.

The FEDDZ uses a magnetic plug connection, making it easy for the cord to ‘find’ the battery even in a dark storage area.  When braking, reverse motor effort can recoup up to 15% of the battery power; the battery is made of high-performance lithium-ion cells , and an intelligent battery management system (BMS) uses integrated performance electronics, all originating from German technology.

The FEDDZ chassis is adjustable for rider height and sitting position, as the saddle is height-adjustable, and the foot rests can be either front-mounted or set in a sports/agility mode, while the 40mm high-riser handlebar provides for ergonomic variability.  When parked on the sidestand, ‘kickstand’ appears on the display panel, and the twistgrip connection is blocked for safety.

The FEDDZ is bluetooth compatible and has its own smartphone app; a USB port exports data for remote maintenance and diagnosis, for servicing and is activated with an RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip card.  The FEDDZ can be custom ordered via their website in any paint color, along with special equipment like foil-wrapped sidecovers, colored belt straps, cargo bags, plus painted or transparent side covers. It’s a sleek new urban commuter!

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