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Run Time: 1:35:00
Director: Peter Starr
Writer: Charles Michael Lorre, Peter Starr
Key Cast: Alan Oppenheimer, Terry Seabrook, Larry Huffman


An award-winning documentary filmmaker, Peter Starr’s list of motorcycling accomplishments is nothing short of awe inspiring. From racing motorcycles and working for the Triumph marquee; to hosting and producing innovative radio programs; to award-winning films, television commercials and developing groundbreaking specialized camera equipment, penning articles for the world’s top motorcycle magazines, and producing and directing over 40 films, many available through Starr Film, Peter Starr can be found at the forefront of our cultural renaissance of motorsports.

With five decades of motorcycling, professional road racing, and international touring under his belt (helmet?!), Peter has been in step with, and responsible for, some of the most important developments in them all. Among Starr’s groundbreaking firsts: in 1980 he was the first to mount a film camera on a motorcycle during an AMA National Race; in 1985 his live broadcast from the AMA National-Duquoin Mile for ABC Wide World of Sports was the first; and, the Peter Starr Motorcycle Show was the first national television series on motorcycling.

His most famous feature film Take it to the Limit (1980) has received awards at international film festivals. Furthermore, Starr’s films have won an additional 12 international awards, and his radio programs have been honored with New York International Radio Programming Awards.


A peek into the life of motorcycle riders and racers of the era. The film covers speedway, desert racing, road racing, hill climb, grass track, drag racing, trials, sidecars, dirt track and motocross in the 1970s.


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