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SpeedisExpensive: The Untold Story of the Vincent Motorcycle (TBD) 

Run Time: 1:53
Film by: David Lancaster (Director)
Produced by: Gerry Jenkinson, David Lancaster and James Salter
Filmed by: Steve Read, Robbie Douglas and Gerry Jenkinson
Associate Producers: Philip Vincent-Day and Mike Nicks
Executive Producers: JP Davidson and Peter Bender
Key cast: Philip Vincent-Day, Dee Vincent-Day, Jay Leno, John Surtees, Paul Simonon,
friends, family and co-workers of Philip Vincent and Phil Irving
Music: Vaughn Williams and John Fairhurst


SpeedisExpensive is the story of a man who sacrificed nearly everything to build the world’s most famous motorcycle – a machine Hunter S Thompson called ‘Pure hell on a straightaway.’ The 1000cc Vincent took on the world – and often won – gaining more speed records than any other manufacturer during its post-war production run. Yet at the age of just 47 in 1955 Philip Vincent had to watch his company crash out of the motorcycle market. His family fortune was exhausted in the pursuit of his dreams and his career never recovered. He passed away in West London in 1979 never to see another of his designs go in to production.


SpeedisExpensive will bring this amazing story to the screen through the eyes of the
grandson Vincent never met – 26-year old Philip Vincent-Day. In his family’s storage, young Philip unearthed a treasure trove of 16 mm films showing his grandfather’s glamorous life of speed and international travel from the 1930s to the 1950s. To learn more about his grandfather, he talks to the racers who set records on the bikes, Vincent riders such as Jay Leno and the men and women who built them at the factory. Friends, family and his grandfather’s biographer help him discover whether Philip Vincent was, in the words of one who knew him, ‘an upper-class charlatan’ or ‘an engineering genius’ who re-wrote the rules of motorcycling.



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