This week, it’s all EICMA.  If last year’s trade show was any indication, we’ll be reporting on a dozen new machines/models after the doors open in Milan, but we’ve got teasers galore this week.  Our EV Editor Sophia Vassiliadis gives us a glimpse of what’s to come:

EVen more from Energica

The teaser lasts only 15 seconds, so don’t look away or you’ll miss the glossy red chassis and serious rear shocks visible through the shadows. The mystery motorcycle from Energica looks to be more street than track, based on the whisper glimpse of the front and back ends in the teaser, and compared to the 2nd edition Eva Sport just previewed by 2016 Formula 1 World Champion and Energica collaborator Nico Rosberg. Rosberg isn’t just impressed by the bold lines and vivid touches of colour but also the technology that sets this latest Energica apart. After showing off the slick styling on the fairings, Rosenberg spends a few moments describing how the all-new battery has “much more performance, much more dense energy packaging.”

After a few laps around the track, Rosberg is thrilled. The Eva Sport 2020 will be lighter, have more power, more range and upgraded electronic assistants much of which is likely to turn up on the shadowy figure in the EICMA teaser.  Note the attitude of Energica CEO Livia Cevolini, who is more looking for the racer’s seal of approval: “We want people like you [Rosberg], who do understand motors, to like it.” Cevolini would be happy to hear the Eva Sport offers the same level of performance as combustion engines, but Rosberg says it’s even better. Wonder if he’d feel the same way about an E-Formula 1 car?

Lightning Fast Lightfighter

The new Lightfighter LFR19 racer: on par with an IC 600-class bike. []
The Lightfighter was born from the motorcycle mind of Zero Motorcycles Marketing VP Brian Wismann, who with EV battery wiz Ely Schless, have created the Lightfighter LFR19, a super lightweight racer meant to challenge the fastest track bikes. The origin story of the Lightfighter was well-described by writer Troy Sinahaan on for several months, as he worked alongside the pair to tune and test this masterpiece of engineering – a bike with incredible power in a featherweight frame.

“With the addition of Öhlins suspension bits, Brembo brakes, and Kramer bodywork, the Lightfighter LFR19 comes in at 375lbs, and is ready for action!” writes Sinahaan. “Wismann and Schless missed the target weight of 350lbs by a pinch, but it’s still a fraction of the weight of the Energica Ego Corsa circulating around the MotoGP-supported MotoE series, and on par with 600cc gas-powered racebikes on a full diet.”

Getting Dirty With The Daymak

Well now, this is fun: Daymak has just presented its newest version of the Beast 2, a fierce but friendly “offroad” scooter. This mini-monster and its 3-legged cousin both have 500W motors powered by 60V batteries, or two batteries for a premium. Available as Standard, Deluxe or Ultimate packages in either black or red, these now Bluetooth-enabled dual-sports can reach speeds of up to about 30 miles an hour, which guarantee that you’ll be able to take in the view.

For those who notice that the 3-wheeled version is labelled as a “mobility scooter”, be warned that unlike its similarly-labelled peers with the same straight-backed seats, these EVs cannot be ridden on the sidewalk. They’re too fast. ☺

Hubless Honey

Gimme that Batman feeling! The hubless rear wheel on the RMK ER. [RMK]
Remember the E2 from the Finnish brands RMK Vehicle Corporation and Link? They just released a teaser video of the EICMA-ready version of the E2, a cross between a “sporty cruiser and futuristic roadster” that features a floating, hubless dragster-style back wheel.

It’s likely the current question mark camo will give way to another space-age colour scheme, but otherwise the 2020 version will still have the “bold and aggressive styling” that the company showcased this past February. What has changed is the overall rideability of the bike, as the latest incarnation of the ER will be “more ergonomic, more practical and more refined.” Weighing in at about 440 lbs (slightly lighter than a mini-cruiser), the 50kW roadster produces 320 Nm of torque along its 5-foot wheelbase. The extended rake allows for a larger battery, one that can carry the bike between about 125 – 185 km on a charge that can be bumped back up to 80% in 2-3 hours, depending on the power source.

Hadin Panther E-Cruiser 

Sleek cruiser lines for the laid-back crowd. [Hadin]
California-conceived, China-based Hadin Motorcycles are back again with the Panther, an updated e-cruiser they’ll officially expose at EICMA 2019.. With geometry more ‘cruiser’  than Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire, the Panther is more friendly to cruiser-lovers, with rumored speeds of 80 mph and 100 miles-per-charge with the 45 kW motor.

The brochure: marketed for urban dwellers to cruise streets lined with electrical outlets, not the endless cornfields of America’s Midwest. [Hadin]
In keeping with its name, this quiet cat may also be receiving a more silent belt drive and glorious gadgetry such as keyless operation, smart phone integration and front and rear HD cameras. This Panther will go quietly, day and night.

The Shelby Cobra Limited Edition E-Bike:

A screen grab of the Shelby-inspired Vintage Electric ebike. [Vintage Electric]
When a car inspires a bike! Not sure how often this happens, but Vintage Electric’s Limited Edition Shelby E-bike has been kissed by the same design gods that inspired the Shelby Cobra. And it’s not just beautiful lines this most recent member of Vintage Electric’s e-bike team has inherited, it’s the fastest of their lot, and possibly the fastest among all electric bicycles.

In race mode, it has a top speed of 36 mph, which would blast it past a few of the e-scooters featured here thanks to it 3kW motor. Which means, in the USA, you’d technically need a motorcycle license to ride it?

Kymco’s RevONEX Teaser Takes Unique Approach

Ghost illustration of the new Kymco RevoNex. With restrictions against IC vehicles gaining traction around the world, bikes like these will be the new face of urban cool. [Kymco]
Part motorcycle, part scooter, Kymco’s EICMA video teaser has elicited lots of attention, mostly because it reveals, well, nothing, except perhaps that it will fulfill many people’s ideas about what makes for the best in electric transport. It also suggests that the featured interviewees from Madrid, Paris, Berlin and Milan, got to see it first, and they were impressed.

So, according to what the video shared, we can look forward to a green, renewable, electric vehicle that is safe and high tech with, among others, features “excellent acceleration” and “an exciting sound.” Only EICMA will tell.