What’s an auction house to do when all public gatherings are cancelled, and everyone is sitting at home with their computer?  Go online of course. Mecum hosts the world’s largest motorcycle auction in Las Vegas every January, and fingers crossed our current requirement for isolation will pass by then.  Mecum includes bikes in their ‘car’ auctions too, finding a few well-placed premium machines have an audience among the four-wheeled afficionados too…and of course, all two-wheeled fans have cars as well.  The crossover of interest is complete on Mecum’s first online sales floor, which is not an auction at all but a showroom for direct negotiation.

A 1938 Zundapp K800 four-cylinder sidevalve: a fascinating machine that’s turbine-smooth and has remarkable styling and technics. [Mecum]
The Mecum Gallery currently features 18 vehicles, four of which are motorcycles, all of which represent an intriguing variety of machinery, from a 1922 Brough Superior Mark 1 with OHV J.A.P. ’90 bore’ engine to a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB long nose coupé.  Mecum have themselves mooted the creation of an online auction, which is a complicated business, as many have found, requiring considerable online and real-world infrastructure that will take time and a major investment.  Surely Mecum and other auction houses must balance such an investment against the fact that our current quarantine must pass eventually, begging the question of whether they will continue with online auctions.  For now, a simple gallery of machines they know are available seems much simpler.  And, it’s likely to be a buyer’s market soon.  Have a look at the Mecum Gallery here.

A 1953 Series C Vincent Black Shadow, looking immaculate. [Mecum]
Sex on wheels: a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB long nose. [Mecum]
Flat tank BMWs are so rare and so coveted: love this 1927 BMW R42. [Mecum]
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