What does it look like when riders on every kind of motorcycle, with ages ranging from their 20s through their 70s, in a mix of genders and colors, get together for a few days of riding, racing, skating, and surfing?  It looks a lot like Wheels+Waves.  Heidi Zumbrun, a Los Angeles-based photographer (and motorcyclist/surfer) brought her particular vision to the Wheels+Waves California event in Aug 2017.  We love her photos of the event, which was part-sponsored by TheVintagent, and organized by Paul d’Orléans with the Southsiders MC of France (who host the Wheels+Waves event in Biarritz, since 2012).

Skate legend Steve Caballero on the Coyote Flat Track day at Santa Maria Raceway
Brian Bent’s customized kook-box carrier Ford at Santa Maria Raceway
Mixing it up! Fun on the flat track an electric Alta Redshift MX bike and a new Indian racer, to the 1940 Indian Scout, and 1942 Harley-Davidson WR, and a ’50s Triumph!
Go Takamine (Brat Style) shows how it’s done with his 1940 Sport Scout
Cheetah prepares to enter the track on his completely custom-built H-D racer…
…which is based on a 1941 Harley-Davidson WL motor upgraded to WR racing spec, and a completely hand-made chassis, with tripe rear stays, and girder forks with hydraulic dampers. A stunning machine!
Scotty Stopnik sliding his pre-unit Triumph TR6 desert sled
Nina Kaplan digging the action at Santa Maria Raceway.
Paul d’Orléans sets up for a MotoTintype of Cheetah; see the result here.
El Solitario‘s David Borras likes Go Takamine’s Indian!
Soutshider Jérome Allée with his BSA flat-tracker, and SoCal poster boy Richard Vincent, subject of our Vintagent Originals film ‘The Ended Summer’
L’Amour! What the world needs now… Maia and JP Defaut
What a moto-cowboy likes to see – a full corrall
Put your hands in the ayer, if you’s a true Player! The authentic and unrestored John Player Special Norton Commando of Steve Brindmore, which he says is a bear to ride! But it sure looks good.
Blitz orange! Fred Jourden of Blitz Motorcycles on the Sportster he keeps tucked in a SoCal garage for special occasions out West.
Don’t Heartbreak me Bonnie! Paul d’Orléans and Susan McLaughlin with their ’65 Triumph Bonneville
Dan Collins of the Blackbird Ranch near Joshua Tree
A tip of the lid to Valeria Borras, come from Spain to sample a similar climate in California
Fass Mikey! The evergreen Mike Vils, whose story is told in ‘The Chopper: the Real Story’, with his 1928 Harley-Davidson JD, an ex-Cannonball bike
“Excuse me, how did you get so cool?” Masumi Takamine makes it all look effortless
Lofty! A lovely BSA A65 enduro special with open pipes and magnesium CZ hubs.
If you can’t look badass on a chopper, what’s the point? We know the Cycle Zombies are sweethearts, though.
The Dos Caminos film production team, who screened ‘Sugar and Spade’ in the barn, onto a no-tech canvas dropcloth screen, while the musical genius Rocco de Luca played his haunting slide guitar
Heavyweight enduro, Triumph style. Julian Heppekausen, who knows how to ride an enduro (having won his class in the Baja 1000), on his Deus Triumph with sneaky retro tank.
The picturesque barn of Swallow Creek Ranch in Cayucos, CA
Peering through the haze – Julien Azé of the Southsiders MC
Wheels+Waves founder Vincent Prat with his artisan wife Tanya on a BSA B34
Photographer Polo Garat taking his ease in the French manner
Think pink! Wheels+Waves California founder Paul d’Orléans at the most remarkable building in Templeton, CA – a 60′ tall grain warehouse built entirely of stacked 2×6″ boards! Rock solid, and fairly fireproof, as no air can get between the boards.
We know brand wizard Brian Awitan.
Wil Thomas of TriCo Los Angeles, and a member of the Dos Caminos film production team.
Nina (Hellhound) Kaplan takes a moment away from her chopper
The man, the myth, the legend: Shinya Kimura.
Masumi Takamine shows how it’s done with her Harley-Davidson Panhead chopper, a Brat Style machine in classic 1950s style
Masachi Ueda of Brat Style, with his Yamaha SR500 – a machine that’s been transformed a thousand ways by a thousand builders.  The Japanese version of the Panhead!
Go Takamine with his ‘other’ Indian, a late 1940s Chief
No excuses necessary for featuring Wil Thomas in color with his Shovelhead custom
Central California is a magical place, with incredible motorcycle roads and not much population. And what a mix of riders; Miguel Galluzi (designer of the Ducati Monster), Alan Stulberg (Revival Cycles), Susan McLaughlin (MotoTintype), Paul d’Orleans, Andy James (Revival Cycles), Mark Buche (BMW USA), Stacie B London (ESMB), skate legend Steve Caballero, Hugo Eccles (Untitled Motorcycles), and a couple we need the names of!
The big blue barn, strings of Tivoli lights, and a catered dinner. Let’s get married.
Vincent and Olivier Prat in the best dazzle wetsuits ever
Olivier le Quellec (Fotozino),  his Buick Skylark, and an Electric surfboard, designed by Eric Crane and Chris Christenson
Olivier Prat and his board at Los Osos beach
Stacie B London amid the dreamy Calfornia landscape
Picturesque from all angles; Brian Bent and his kooky Ford
Takamitsu Yashiro (Blue Groove) looking blue-groovy
Other days, other Buicks; a Starfire full of party crashers
Photographer Tak Isobe, all the way from Japan, and loving it.
Kim and Pete Young with their remarkable 1937 Ford Woodie, towing their 1936 Ariel Red Hunter


Paul d’Orléans is the founder of TheVintagent.com. He is an author, photographer, filmmaker, museum curator, event organizer, and public speaker. Check out his Author Page, Instagram, and Facebook.
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