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Run Time: 1:27:00
Producer: Dirt Track Productions
Director: Gaurav Jani
Editor: Kishore Jadhav
KEY Cast: Nicolitta Pereira, Vinod Panicker, Sanjeev Sharma, Gursaurabh Singh Toor, Gaurav Jani


Mumbai-based filmmaker and adventure rider Gaurav Jani passed on May 24th 2020. Famous for his self-made films Riding To The Top Of The World Solo and One Crazy Ride about riding in remote areas of the Himalayas, Jani inspired a generation of adventure riders to self-document their own travels.


A motorcycle expedition on uncharted roads across the Himalayan state
of Arunachal Pradesh, situated in North-east India. But more than an expedition, it’s a film on friendship, camaraderie and the “never say die” attitude of five motorcyclists in the face of unforgiving terrain.

Shot in the same format as “Riding Solo To The Top Of The World” with no back-up vehicle or film crew, in parts of India hardly seen, filmed or explored, the documentary captures the interactions and experiences of the riders who are trying to chart a route, which according to everyone does not exist.


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