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Run Time: 27:32
Producer: Moto Borgotaro
A Film By: Roberto Serrini
Key Cast: Keith Hale, Peter Boggia, Tim Parker


‘Earned’ is a collaboration between two long time friends. Serrini, a filmmaker “reinventing the genre of motorcycle films, with people who are truly lovely”, and Boggia, a professional mechanic specializing in rare and European motorcycles, and owner of Moto Borgotaro. Read more about the duo HERE, watch their 2015 film Moto Borgotaro HERE, and keep an eye on Italy In Bocca… because there’s always a motorcycle.


Director Roberto Serrini’s documentary about Keith Hale and his singular, continuous ownership 1974 Ducati 750 Super Sport.

The Ducati 750 Super Sport was the first of it’s kind. A factory race bike that the public could buy. Only 401 examples were produced and every one built was personally supervised by Fabio Taglioni. When Keith Hale first heard the sound of the 750 SS in 1974, he knew he had to own one at all costs. Although only 22 years old at the time, even then he knew it was not just another motorcycle. After taking out a bank loan and begging the Fresno, CA dealership to sell him their only 750 SS in 1975, he went on to use this race bike like no other before him, or since.

The prices have skyrocketed in the last 15 years for these incredible motorcycles, and are often kept in garages never to be used again. Keith’s bike represents the unmatched excellence of a period in motoring history, unto itself. This was the era that gave birth to the modern sportbike — more robust high revving engine, open exhaust, better braking, and looks that rival any Lamborghini or Ferrari.

This is the story of the 100,000 mile race bike that has been in continuous ownership for 47 years.


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