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Run Time: 6:23
A Film By: Roberto Serrini
Producer: Moto Borgotaro
Key Cast: Oliver Rassinoux, Scarlet Capella, Keith Hale’s Ducati 750SS


Consider this an experimental teaser for the documentary ‘Earned: The Story Of Keith Hale And His Ducati 750SS’. Like two sides of a coin, these films are worlds apart, but joined as one. Enjoy!


We must not forget one thing about Keith Hale’s 750ss… it’s a motorcycle. While his story is poignant, soulful and singular, we wanted to celebrate this bike for the very same reasons he dedicated his life to it; because it’s cool as hell.

While we had the philosophical origin story of this amazing machine we were missing the passionate fun it inspires when you are around it, so I wanted to capture that bon-vivant attitude in a little bright film filled with all our favorite things. Inside you’ll find handmade helmets, vintage drink caddies, and rare, whimsical watches. All objects like Keith’s bike that generate smiles and wonder. These objects are as much characters as the wonderful people in the film, all of which have dynamic, interesting stories, none of which acting is considered part of their repertoire. These are just all very pretty things, hence the title.

Ever story has two sides to it. For this bike there is rich and wonderful human connection along with a pure and simple joy of being around it. Sometimes you need two stories to tell such a gigantic, wonderful tale.


Earned: The Story Of Keith Hale And His Ducati 750SS

Roberto Serrini

Moto Borgotaro