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Run Time: 1:39
Director: Alex Zyuzikov
Director Of Photography: Matthew Canada
Key Cast: Kenny Cummings


Alex Zyuzikov is a Ukrainian-born film director and photographer based in New York City. He has worked on a variety of commercial advertising campaigns, films projects, and editorial assignments alike, telling stories of his subjects with warmth, sympathy, and authenticity. Alex’s passion is storytelling. His style of work is inspired by his curiosity for different cultures, professions, and ways of living. Alex captures the essence of his subjects and their environments in a way that is creative and imaginative. His work is atmospheric, tonally rich, and thoughtfully sophisticated with profound humanness.


Build. Race. Repeat.

That’s what Kenny Cummings of NYC Norton does, and he knows his way around a racetrack and a vintage British Norton equally well. Having come from an art and music background, he takes the same approach to building his motorcycles as he did to programming synthesizers for Elvis Costello and Aretha Franklin back in the day. His creations are equal parts art, music, and old British iron, working in perfect harmony.

As a filmmaker, I’ve always loved people who are passionate about what they do. People who don’t draw the line between their professional life and life in general since it’s one and the same. I saw that in Kenny and was immediately drawn to his story. We met at his shop several times before anything was story boarded and talked about life, what drives him, and I began to understand his background, values, and how he got to where he is today. He is just as much of an artist today as he was back in his music days, except now he expresses himself through being a precision craftsman.

I assembled a team, and we pulled an all-nighter at Kenny’s shop, getting the shots we needed to tell his story. Tired but happy, I couldn’t wait to go through the footage since it looked even better than I imagined it in my head. We met once more and shot some incredible-looking stuff of Kenny riding a Norton Commando through NYC’s tunnels and over the Brooklyn Bridge. The last piece of the puzzle was getting some racing footage, which Kenny was able to do at an AHRMA race at Laguna Seca.

“Yes, this is my life,” said Kenny when I first showed him the finished video, which is the biggest compliment I could ever hope for. I’m glad I captured a bit of his captivating story in this short film; I hope you enjoy it as well.”

– Alex Zyuzikov


Alex Zyuzikov
NYC Norton

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