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Run Time:1:40:00
Director: Carlo Di Palma
Writer: Barbara Alberti, Carlo Di Palma, Amedeo Pagani
Key Cast: Monica Vitti, Claudia Cardinale, Ninetto Davoli


Carlo Di Palma was born into a poor Roman family; his mother was a flower seller on the Spanish Steps, while his father was a camera operator for a number of Italian film studios. In an interview shortly before his death, Di Palma recounted his childhood memories of observing his father in action: “I’d run to the studio or the location, and watch my father work. I was fascinated by the whole experience. I would stand on a crate sometimes and watch. All of the people that were on the location were pleasant to me. I was very quiet and observant, so with that they let me stay on set. I would watch many different directors over and over.”


Two racy women decide to chuck their mundane lives and go on a wild adventure.

Sometimes it’s not possible to defend or rationalize our fondness for mindless friends. It’s the same with movies. This one has two beauties, Claudia Cardinele and Monica Vitti, and they ride around on a motorcycle. Never mind the rest, you will only sound ridiculous if you attempt to describe the plot. But the company is good, except neither actress does her own dubbing (Vitti’s sexy throaty voice is sadly missing here). – IMDB


Watch the FULL FILM at Cine Meccanica


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